18U ACES 2020/2021 

SEASON Session
May 27-December 19, 2020 

Program Benefits

*Weekly Practices

*Competitive Tournaments (Competitive & Showcase Tourneys)

*Play Against Top Competition On West Coast

*Select Players Can Earn Spot On HBA Senior/Junior AZ Fall Classic Teams

*College Referrals From Terry Hardtke 

* College Referral: Terry Hardtke can be used as a referral of your son's level of play.  We can't guarantee a college scholarship to the school of your choice or whether you will be a #1 draft pick.  What we can do is hopefully provide a path to follow to get to the next level.

This is a MAXIMUM college & pro exposure program which will help to improve the players ability to get them to the "Next Level".
BB4k invites you to participate in the 18U  Summer program. The highlights of the program are listed below.  All 2021 grads or later are committing to the Fall/Winter sessions unless they are playing a Fall/Winter high school sport. Check out all of the benefits below.  
$500 Donation  To: Baseball for Kids 501(c) (3)
EIN:36-4495191 (Tax Deductible) One time only in the Summer or Fall Session.


Pay Monthly :
Position Players: $325 for 4 months. 
Pitchers Only: $275 for 4 months .