Youth League Programs
Hardtke Baseball has served youth baseball leagues for the past 30+ years. We have a proven record of helping youth players in the areas of hitting, pitching and fielding. Below is a listing of a few programs we have available for Youth Leagues:

Player Clinics
Hardtke Baseball provides hitting and pitching clinics to Youth Leagues at a minimal cost  to the players or the league. These clinics are held at Hardtke’s  facility in Campbell. By having the clinics indoors we are able to use our facilities equipment and not have to worry about canceling because of inclement weather.

Each clinic is two (2) hours in length and will provide a solid foundation for players as they enter the start of the season.

In addition, Hardtke Baseball will hold fielding clinics at your request at your fields. These clinics are two (2) hours in length and will cover the basic fundamentals of fielding, catching and throwing the ball.

*If you wish you can charge an additional fee for each player and use these clinics as a fundraiser.

Refer A Friend
If you refer a player in your league to a clinic, your name will be entered into a raffle drawing for your chance to win one free private lesson or a discount on a package of private lessons (No combining promos). One drawing per League.

2019 Preseason League Clinics
To sign-up for the League Clinic click on your league below.

Register online or call our office at 408-866-8050

Coaches Clinics
Hardtke Baseball has been doing Coaches Clinics for the past 30+ years. These clinics are hands-on training sessions for coaches from T-ball through the highest level of your league. Each coach receives a booklet titled, “A Guide to Youth League Coaching” which is an informative tool dealing with all aspects of coaching the game of baseball (including proper mechanics/fundamentals of the game to an actual practice plan, including practice drills).
$195.00 T-ball Coaches (2 hour clinic) plus $5 for each Coaching Manual. 
$295.00 All other Coach levels (4 hour clinic) plus $5 for each Coaching
League Fundraiser
Earn Reward Point Dollars $$$$$-"The Easiest Fundraiser, No Work on Your Part"

Hardtke Baseball has over 5000 current customers. Some of which are from your league and are taking private lessons. If your players inform Hardtke’s that they are in your league, then you would receive 5% of the private lesson revenue on all 5 or 10 lessons packages that are sold at our regular price. With some leagues this would have meant $2000 to as much as our $10,000 maximum. This money would be paid to the league, as collected, on a monthly basis. 
*(Please make sure players sign-up & let us know the name of their participating league)*
No backdating is allowed. Your role as a participating league is to inform your players of this program via your email or other communication process. No other organization can offer this type of benefit, because no one else has the total number of customers than Hardtke’s. The more players who sign-up from your league, the more Reward Point Dollars you will receive.