Quito Little League has enjoyed a  long relationship with the Hardtke Baseball Academy in developing the skill sets of our Little League players.  Their methodology in training the players is far surperior to anything else we have seen.  We have seen improvements year after year with our players and interest in pursuing additional baseball skill increase due to the Hardtke programs.  Hardtke coaches not only know baseball skill fundamentals but also how to relate to the players and get them engaged into learning more.
We have also been able to develop specialized training, such as, catcher training and coaching clinics with Hardtke over the years.  Terry Hardtke, Nattie George & Jason Hardtke, to name a few, have been very helpful in developing and accommodating these events.  We've held training events indoors at the Hardtke facilities, as well as, at our fields and Hardtke professionalism, as well as, a sincere effort to provide the best for the attendees has always been greatly appreciated.
Quito LL looks forward to continuing our long valued relationship with the Hardtke Baseball Academy and continued development for our future ballplayers.

Paul Retlewski
Player/Coach Development Director
Quito LL
Serra Little League has enjoyed a strong relationship with the Hardtke Baseball Academy since 2010.  We have benefitted from their in-house pitching and hitting clinics, as well as, pitching and catching training sessions for our team practices held on our fields.  The primary driver for their success is the way the HBA coaches can relate to our players.  HBA's approach is to share their passion for baseball by teaching to each player's skill level, maximizing their potential.  Their tenured coaches have a long history of working with young players and have developed a training methodology that allows them to connect with kids for success.  The coaches at HBA have a consistent message that stresses the proper mechanics, doing it the right way and doing it well.  Most all, the team at HBA know that baseball is a game and delivered the results by keeping it fun.

In regards to logistics and commitment, I've worked directly with Jason Hardtke and he is excellent to work with.  HBA will tailor to your league's training needs and your expectations.  Anecdotally, there were times when the weather would not coooperte with our schedule.  HBA went well out of their way to accommodate re-schedules, putting our league's needs over their in-house schedule.

Overall, we are very happy with our partnership with HBA.  The skills and drills they emphasize can be seen on the field.

Grant Chow
Training Director
Serra Little League
Hardtke World of Baseball put on a pitching, hitting, and fielding clinic for Oak Ridge Little League that was unbelievable. The Hardtke coaches provided extremely positive and technical training for every kid in the clinic. Their coaches were very motivational and extremely helpful with each kid.  The Hardtke coaches provided extremely positive and technical training for every kid in the clinic.  They have different traning options and cater the training to what each kid needs to work on.  The kids that routinely attend training at Hardtke World of Baseball improve greatly throughout the season.  It is a great place to prepare the kids prior to the season, during the season and after the season!
Oak Ridge Little League appreciates your hard work with the kids to improve them in baseball!
Scott Johnson
Director-Oak Ridge Little League