Aces Summer/Fall Travel Ball
This Youth Travel Team Program is intended to develop player skills in their mechanics &  fundamentals for  the game of baseball.  We will also work on their physical advancement by having them work out with the Extreme Fitness Sports (EFS) Trainers. They will work on speed training, first step & core strength.  To  perform at a high level a player needs to maximize their physical abilities. EFS trainers will help them do this. 
Our #1 Goal is to help the players get better, to get them to the "Next Levels"- not to just win tournaments.  As you can see the term "Next Levels" is plural.  When a player is at the young level, it's important that the big picture is kept in focus:
Get better in baseball fundamentals & their baseball mechanics
Improve the physical side of their game.
Learn the game on a positive/professional level.  
Doing everything to try to win games & tournaments is not a way to             develop players.

For the past 30+ years we are known as the #1 Skills Development Team in Northern California.  Our positive reputation proceeds us.  We know the path players need to take to make the following steps in their baseball career:
Make their Freshman baseball team.
Make their JV baseball team.
Make their Varsity baseball team.
Make their College baseball team.
Get drafted by a professional team.
Play in the Major Leagues.
None of the above is guaranteed.  But if the player works hard enough and if they follow the path of previous HBA players, they will have a chance to get to the "Next Levels".  

"A New Approach To 'Old School' Baseball"

$500.00 Deposit (Non-Refundable) 


$325 Monthly Payment for 6 months (July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)

New players will need to buy their own jersey & hat from our supplier.
Summer/Fall Season 
July16-November 27, 2019

EFS Training Program 
July 16-30, 2019
November 5-21, 2019

Baseball Training Program (Practices & Games)
August 1-October 31st, 2019

Program Benefits
4 Month Program

6 Local Bay Area Tournaments

*30+ workout Practices  (includes EFS workouts)

*4 On 1 Group Lessons 

*5 weeks of Core/Speed/Quickness Training at EFS

Program Directors: 

Jason Hardtke- Former MLB Player
Mike Codiroli- Former MiLB Player
Jason Codiroli-Former MiLB Player
Dan Dyer- Former College Player 

**Over 100 Years Of Combined Youth Coaching Experience**