Holiday Indoor 
All-Skills Camps
December 22nd- January 6th
To Register: Sign-up online below or Call HWOB @ (408) 866-8050 
 610 E. Hamilton Ave. Campbell, CA 95008  OFFICE: (408) 866-8050 EMAIL: INFO@HWOB.COM

Holiday Camps

Three (3) 2 Day Camp
Two (2) 3 Day Camps

Camp #1: December 22--23
Camp #2: December 26-28
Camp #3: December 29-30  
Camp #4: January 2-4
Camp #5 January 5-6

Baseball All-Skills

Lead Coaches:  Nattie George, Mike Codiroli & Dan Dyer
Ages 6-13
Players will be grouped by age & skill level.

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Every Year!!!

Hardtke Baseball has run these camps for the OVER 35 years.  They have been run indoors for the past 20 years.  We are indoors to avoid the problems associated with bad weather (rain/cold) which is typical during this time of the year.  The teaching of baseball skills is a lot easier when the kids are not getting wet or shivering during their learning process.

Nattie George, Mike Codiroli & Dan Dyer will be the lead coaches for these Indoor All-Skills Winter Camps.  These coaches are spectacular teachers of the game of baseball and the skills it takes to become a better player. The timing of these camps will help your child to get off to a great start to their baseball season.  Baseball is a mechanics and timing sport.  It's very difficult to master baseball by picking up a bat or a ball one day and playing the game the next day.  It takes hours of preparation to get off to a good start and build the confidence of the player to maintain a high level during tryouts & the baseball season. 

Camps are Two or Three Days (Camp dates are listed below).  Up to 18 hours of instruction from the best baseball coaches in Northern California.   

You can choose half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours). Half days are 9am-noon or 12:30pm-3:30pm.   

Full days are 9am-3:30pm with lunch break at Noon.  On full days your child should bring a bag lunch.  Hot Dogs are available for purchase at a cost of $400 (includes chips & drink)

If Paid by November 15th: **EARLY BIRD SPECIAL**

        THREE (3) DAY CAMP                    TWO (2) DAY CAMP           
     Half Day          $175.00                             $120.00     
     Full Day           $275.00                             $199.00      

                                             One Day Only                                 
                                            Half Day $75.00                                  
                                            Full Day $125.00                                  

If Paid AFTER November 15th:

          THREE (3) DAY CAMP        TWO (2) DAY CAMP  

     Half Day         $199.00                        $150.00                              
     Full Day          $299.00                        $229.00  

                                             One Day Only
                                             Half Day         $75.00
                                             Full Day          $125.00